Down the Rabbit Hole: The Playlist

For all those times when you want to tumble into an alternate universe. 

Down the Rabbit hole

1. Fitzpleasure – Alt-J

My younger brother introduced me to Alt-J  a year ago, and they’ve been on heavy rotation ever since.  I always wish the music they played at the gym sounded more like them and less like Nickelback.

2. Chateau Lobby #4 (In C for Two Virgins) – Father John Misty

I wanna take you in the kitchen/ Lift up your wedding dress someone was probably murdered in/ So bourgeoisie to keep waiting/ Dating for twenty years just feels pretty civilian.

As FJM himself says, “I just wanted to write about love without bullshitting .”

3. Alors on Danse – Stromae

My lovely friend Jaclyn used to play this song when we lived together in Malaysia. It served as my introduction to her brilliantly discerning taste in music, and my first clue as to how hip of a cat kucing she really is. Jaclyn, this one’s for you. Boleh.

4. It All Began With a Burst – Kishi Bashi

I didn’t think that music could feel fizzy, but then I heard this song. It is like a thousand bubbles and pixie sticks combined in the very best way.

5. Careful You – TV On the Radio

I have been loving this song lately. It makes me feel like I’m not in suburban, wintry New Hampshire, but rather a tragically hip nightclub casually swatting away my bevy of electronic robot suitors.

6. Show Me 2 – Mint Royale

If this song had been playing during Alice’s croquet game with the Queen of Hearts, I think everyone would have had a much better time. Lives could have been spared.

7. Diplomat’s Son – Vampire Weekend

I was way late to the Vampire Weekend party. Thankfully, my music-savvy friend Vivienne was there to greet me when I (finally) arrived. Oxford Comma, she advised. Just do it.

8. Baths – Miasma Sky

My friends put this on a mix CD they mailed to me while I was teaching in Malaysia, which I played every morning in the car on my way to school. It was so calming to listen to the pure, raindrop patter in the beginning, especially on the rare mornings when rain showers broke the Malaysian heat.

9. Phone Sex – Blood Diamonds feat. Grimes

Every time I hear this song, I imagine that I am Yoshi, sitting in a MarioKart and racing my way through Koopa Troopa beach. Accordingly, I have done a little sleuthing, and discovered that if you play this track in conjunction with the Koopa Troopa music, it will sound incredible. This is probably the closest I will ever come to creating a mash-up.

10. High School Lover – Cayucas

My high opinion of this song may be colored by the fact that the lyrics contain a direct reference to my name, which is rare because not many people are willing to incorporate monikers over three syllables into their work. But I’d like to believe that this is a good song even if your name is not Elizabeth.

11. Love – DobaCaracol

I got this song from a mix made by my gorgeous friend Jolene, who is such a goddess that I believe she defies traditional Harry Potter house categorization and belongs with Fleur Delacour in Beauxbatons. My favorite part of the song comes six minutes and fifty seconds in, when the vibe totally shifts towards these clean, pretty harmonies. It becomes what I imagine hummingbirds would sound like if they made a reggae band.

12. Wait for the Summer – Yeasayer

I love this band, and not just because their members have names like Ira Wolf and Cale. A very long time ago (2008), guitarist Anand Wilder said to Pitchfork that the band aimed to create “beauty and familiarity amidst eerie atmosphere” with their music. Seven years later, they’re still doing exactly that.

13. La Chanson De Prévert – Sambassadeur

This is another song I learned about from Jaclyn. It is what I imagine the Olsen twins listen to when viewing Balthus paintings in the modern art section of the Met. Which is to say it is very chic indeed.

Enjoy! And let us know if we’ve got you feeling like it’s time for tea with the Mad Hatter.

xox E

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