10 Things to Buy this Week

Featuring swoon-worthy vegan cookbooks and the best way to make a modern mixtape. 

1. Tickets to see Taylor Swift and Haim – This is my dream concert. There is no way I would rather die than in the inevitable explosion of girl power that will erupt when these ladies join forces onstage.

Dreamy ladies singing dreamy songs? Yes.

Dreamy ladies singing dreamy songs? Yes.

2. The Oh She Glows cookbook by Angela Liddon – I’ve been a casual fan of Liddon’s blog for some time, and encourage anyone interested in veganism (or just excellent food) to try her spiced red lentil, kale, and tomato soup. Recently, her cookbook seems to be cropping up everywhere, from the delicious kale salad made by my friend Julia on New Year’s Eve to shout-outs on another one of my favorite blogs, Cookie + Kate.

Your body will thank you.

Buy it. Your body will thank you.

3. Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo – While some people would probably want food if stranded on a desert island, I’d be perfectly content with several bottles of dry shampoo. And when hair goddess Kristin Ess recommends this brand as an affordable one that gets the job done, I listen.

Buy it for the gym, buy it for life.

Buy it for the gym, buy it for life.

4. Milktape Mix Tape – February seems to be the month of birthdays for my friends and family (including me on the 13th!) and every year around this time I find myself in need of clever gift ideas. One of my go-tos has become the Milktape Mix Tape, which looks like a cassette tape but functions as a flash drive, allowing you to drag and drop 128 MB (around 15 songs) of music from your iTunes library or wherever.

Almost as good as John Hughes holding a boombox outside your window.

Almost as good as John Hughes holding a boombox outside your window.

5. Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion – It is a point of shame to me that I haven’t read anything by Joan Didion, and before I turn 25 next week I’d like to change that fact. From what I understand, Bethlehem is a beautifully rendered portrait of 1960s California, told through essays on characters whom Didion seeks “not to expose but to understand.”

Didion's title comes from a W.B. Yeats poem.

Didion’s title comes from a W.B. Yeats poem.

6. Madewell flannel trapeze shirt in overcast plaid – I have been totally loving Madewell lately, and have decided the sole plaid shirt I own from them is not nearly enough to make it through the rest of winter. As their flannels are warm and attractive to members of the opposite sex, buying more is really just an investment in my future health and emotional well-being.

Don't let your boyfriend steal it from you.

Don’t let your boyfriend steal it from you.

7. Madewell Berliner oversized satchel. Two Madewell picks in one week? C’est vrai, je bois le Madewell Kool-Aid. This choice is inspired by a chic girl I saw on the metro the other day, blissfully toting a large leather satchel while I (yet again) hauled around my life necessities in a dated North Face backpack. I have decided it is time to upgrade to a large bag made for grown-up ladies, and this satchel is the way I’m going to do it.

Did I mention it's on sale?

Did I mention it’s on sale?

8. Fishbone headset wrap – This is one of those random trendy gadgets that no one speaks of, yet everyone seems to have. I would like to get one so I, too, can act nonchalant about owning it. And also because I am tired of my headphones becoming tangled.

What type of music do we think the fish likes?

What type of music do we think the fish likes?

9. Tickets to Cupid’s Revenge – Why spend Valentine’s Day curled up with your significant other when you could spend it screaming in fear? This is exactly the question the people behind Cupid’s Revenge are asking. These folks have created a fantastic horror shop of Valentine’s cliches run amok– think waterfalls of blood, romantic dinners ending in untimely demise, and, in their words, “5,000 square feet of pure unadulterated FEAR.” Can you say dream date?

Better than flowers.

Better than flowers.

10. Sephora Make Up For Ever Glitters – This is inspired by Britt’s sexy eye glitter on this week’s episode of the Bachelor. Manipulative/sociopathic tendencies notwithstanding, that girl has got it LOCKED DOWN when it comes to makeup. I very much thought I would not be seeking a product like this outside of middle school, but after watching her sparkly eyes on the hot air balloon date with Chris, I am all about the glittery discotheque of the eyes for myself. Plus, it is winter. I am cold. Is it wrong to want sparkles on my face?



ps: NPR just did a story on how some grad students and their professor are pretty much using glitter to make telescopes. Apparently, it helps them make lighter ‘scopes, which are easier and cheaper to send into space. And yes, I am discussing NPR and eye glitter concurrently. I am a modern lady with highly varied taste.



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