Tonic’s Weekly Lynx Round-up

Full disclosure, the cat in the above image is actually an ocelot, not a lynx, but let’s give all the great big cats some love (along with great links) this week.

Start the weekend off properly with some inspirational Werner Herzog posters. Learn how “the common denominator of the universe is not harmony, but chaos, hostility, and murder.” Oh Werner, you just get us.

To reaffirm your faith in humanity after the Werner Herzog wormhole we just sent you through, try listening to the new podcast “Dear Sugar” from Cheryl Strayed (yes, that Cheryl Strayed) and Steve Almond. The podcast revives and recasts the cult advice column from The Rumpus.

To continue with the podcast theme, check out Longform’s interview with Tavi Gevinson of Rookie.

Looking to ditch a few of your distinctly American habits? Check out this piece from the Atlantic’s Tim Walker on the five bad American habits he’s kicked since living in Finland.

Let’s not give up on all things American, however. Bring back the casual, elegant American man, says suit-maker Hickey Freeman.

Sleater Kinney released a new album this month. They also collaborated with Planned Parenthood on a lovely new shirt declaring their support for women’s healthcare. If you want to read more about the great Sleater Kinney, check out this Billboard article. It includes some of their music videos, including the video for “Bury Our Friends,” which features the great Miranda July.

Joni Mitchell, the woman who taught Emma Thompson’s character in “Love Actually” (and every human being ever) how to feel is also a fashion muse.

Andrew O’Hagan recently wrote a piece for the Guardian on his love of poetry. There are too many beautiful passages to quote from his piece that it is almost impossible to choose, but here is one to start: “A poet could be a risk-taker, a miracle-maker, a moral panjandrum and a convict of the senses; a poet could divine the landscape, search the heart, shape a living argument about the complications of reality, and a poet could write a novel.”

This Paris Review interview with Clancy Martin about his new book, “Love and Lies: An Essay on Truthfulness, Deceit, and the Growth and Care of Erotic Love” is just what you need to sail into your Valentine weekend.

And finally, check out this article on the promise of the $20,000 house

Have a magical weekend, celestial beings. 

xox J

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