The Imagination Game

A very serious exercise for those looking to find their truth this President’s Day.

Imagination Game

I learned this game this past weekend from my good friend Rachel in New York. I think we played it the way it’s meant to be played, which is to say with friends over a few glasses of wine. Ideally, there’s one person facilitating who’s played before, but I’m going to act as the facilitator here by listing four things below. All you need to do is read the list and try to imagine each thing in turn.

If you’re feeling ready, throw on some Indie Shuffle in the background and prepare to be enlightened.


1. Imagine a cube.

Ask yourself: Where is it located? Is it stagnant? Dynamic? Colored? Opaque? Large? Small? 

2. Imagine a forest. 

Ask yourself: Is the forest scary? Welcoming? Are the trees tall or short? Is there light? Do you see yourself in the forest? Is it somewhere you can easily move about, or somewhere that’s harder to navigate? Is there a clear path that cuts through or is it more of a wide, open space?

3. Imagine a horse.

Ask yourself: What color is the horse? What makes her/him unique? Is the horse moving or stagnant? Are you riding the horse? Does the horse invoke feelings of fear, awe, wonder, or confusion? 

4. Imagine a stream.

Ask yourself: How quickly is it moving? Is it deep? Shallow? Significant or minor? Is is something you’d want to swim in? Can you cross it/would you want to? Are the waters choppy and frightening, or calm and serene?

Done! Now, be sure you’ve got each image firmly in your mind before you scroll down for the results. If you need to, write down descriptions of what you’re envisioning.


The cube represents how you feel about yourself.

The forest represents how you feel about life.

The horse represents how you feel about your partner.

The stream represents how you feel about sex.

I’m curious, how did everyone do? My answers were surprisingly insightful. My favorite response was my forest, which had no clear path, but was vast, open and filled with light. 

xox E

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