Ten Things to Buy This Week

From tea inspired by Oscar Wilde to the most badass vegan suede platforms in existence, we hook you up. 


E’s 5 Things:

I just discovered No. 6 store and am already thoroughly obsessed. I think this black silk wrap dress is evidence that there is, in fact, a God, and that she is a stylish lady.

No 6 store

If a kimono and teatime had a baby, she would be this dress.

While on the train this morning, I saw this beautiful specimen who was a pristine rendering of Oscar Wilde. I have since spent the day pining for this character to return, and in an effort to quell my nostalgia have stumbled upon Dorian, an “Oscar Wilde” tea blend from this fabulous etsy shop. Other fun options are “Mary Shelley” and “Emily Bronte” blends.


Presenting The Picture of Dorian ‘Earl’ Gray.

As a birthday gift to myself, I splurged and bought bareMinerals powder foundation from Sephora. It is a little pricey for sure, but  gifts from heaven should be pricey, no? There’s a reason every one of my friends is obsessed with this.

Pretty sure it's made from angel tears.

Why yes, it is made from angel tears.

This chic Etsy shop is curated by my gorgeous friend Leah, whose personal style inspires me because it is always fly as hell. My favorite thing in here at the moment is this handcrafted Nepalese ring, which is, dare I say, Jessa-worthy?

A powerful ring for a powerful lady.

It sees you, Jemima Kirke.

Towels may seem like an odd thing to recommend, but that’s only because you haven’t been introduced to Fresco Towels. They’re so popular that the site is presently sold out, but they’re scattered about ebay like rare gems. I suggest you go treasure hunting and find one before I buy them all.

For your sojourn to beaches in the Mediterranean. Or possibly your next shower.

For your sojourn to beaches in the Mediterranean. Or possibly your next shower.

J’s 5 Things:

In support of Elissa Schappell (the subject of this week’s virtual toast), I would love to sign up for a subscription to TinHouse. TinHouse includes the usual lit mag fare (poetry, fiction, reviews, essays) as well as recipes, reading lists, interviews, and a variety of other well-curated pieces.


So many literary magazines, so little time.

I am completely obsessed with Nothing But A Pigeon‘s mounted crochet animal heads. I bought a crochet bunny head in December and am contemplating my next purchase. Will it be the foxy vixen, the sassy triceratops, or the adorable baby elephant? Will my apartment eventually devolve into a weird Etsy craft version of a manly game room? Probably.

bunny head

The saddest, most adorable mounted crochet bunny head.

A few weeks ago I recommended Olsenhaus as a great purveyor of vegan shoes. Another amazing company is Good Guys and I am completely obsessed with their vegan suede platform sandals. They’re having a sale right now and my paycheck cannot come soon enough. Neither can spring, for that matter.


I would pair these with my cat romper in an instant.

I’ve been trying to ride my bike to work as often as possible to save Metro fare and in an effort to break up the work day. While it is skill to ride a bike while wearing a cross body bag, I feel that it limits me and I would like to upgrade. Enter the bike basket. REI has a few on offer that I am quite taken with.

bike basket

This would look adorable on my mint bike. I’m just going to embrace the girlishness of my bike.

Uniqlo has some fantastic graphic tees that I am very into right now. They have collaborated with MoMA on a whole line and the one below is just one of my many favourties. They are also having just about the craziest sale I’ve ever seen right now. I apologize for alerting you to this if you weren’t already aware.


Again, I really can’t wait until spring.

xox J + E

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