Spotlight: Creative Etsy Vibes from Dayton, OH

In which E takes to the (virtual) streets of this underrated creative fountain. 

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Emboldened by our interview with Vivienne Machi and Dave New of Babbling April this morning, I took it upon myself to see what other gems Dayton, Ohio had to offer. Since I am currently on a bus in suburban Massachusetts and therefore cannot actually be in Dayton, I decided I’d explore virtually. And what better place to do so than Dayton-based Etsy shops? I scoured the internet and am pleased to report that Dayton did not disappoint. Behold my selections for Dayton’s best etsy stores, with commentary.

  1. Original postcard portrait painting: The paintings and prints from Etsy shop owner Melody Cole Gates have a way of jumping out at you, and this moody lady is no exception . I love the way Gates’ subjects all have such a coyness about them. As Tyra Banks might say, there’s some definite smizing going on.
  2. Custom eyeball bottlecap pincushion: Why yes, this is a custom made eyeball bottle cap pincushion. This is just one of many oddly perfect crafts from Schmaltzy Craftsy, which offers, “Felt handmade pincushions of extraordinary awesomeness for the sewer in your life.”
  3. Bluebird of happiness pin: This divine pin from Patchwork People Pins does exactly what a pin should: inject a little color into dreary winter days. I’m particularly fond of the flying pig pin that owner Cathie Streator has on offer as well.
  4. Kanuka Grove notecards: These notecards from the Natural Earth Craft shop feature a print of an original sand painting by shop owner and geologist Heidi Scheirer McGrew.
  5. Kokeshi doll ninja squad: This lady trio from artist Craig Galentine is the most badass thing I’ve seen in awhile. What’s even better is that Galentine’s other offerings don’t disappoint–his Etsy shop is filled with adorably kickass and handpainted figurines.
  6. Hedgehog notecard: This notecard (along with all the other adorable cards from the Mari Makes Etsy shop) is the perfect stationary for every occasion. It is also a subtle tribute to J, because I know she will love it.
  7. Jewel-toned glass candleholders: These vintage gems are just one of the many chic offerings available from Etsy seller The Rhubarb Studio. While the wide selection of vintage ephemera and housewares is impressive, it’s shop owner Barbara’s chic eye that sets her apart.
  8. Craquepot” ceramic bowl: Gives new meaning to the term crackpot, no? That’s precisely the point of this and other gloriously weird offerings from Odd Pottery, which offers pieces that are “unusual, zombie, steampunk, industrial-goth, art nouveau, and sometimes just plain strange.”

xox E

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