10 Things to Buy This Week: It’s Cold Edition

It’s cold. It’s very cold. Spring cannot come soon enough. Until then, here are some items to warm your body and your spirit. 

J’s five things

I am obsessed with this dress. It’s part of a collaboration between Madewell and Won Hundred, a Copenhagen-based design company headed up by Nikolaj Nielsen. It is a dark, wintry, minimalist dream.


I would willingly brave the cold in this dress.

I am already making my summer plans including any sartorial risks or ventures that I would like to attempt when the weather warms. So I’m just going to put this out there: this will be the year of the arm cuff. There are so many on Etsy that I am enamoured with, including this fine baroque one and this turquoise cuff. For a more modern look there’s this triangle cuff or one with an arrow theme. Alternatively, if you would like to channel Galadriel, there’s this leaf number.

arm cuff

This summer, it’s all about the baroque arm cuffs.

Because it is winter, I think we need to pamper ourselves. I am very into the soaps on offer at Pure Naked Soap. The lavender chai sounds heavenly to me right about now.


I think I would like to smell like lavender and chai.

As I am writing this, in bed with a sore throat and a head cold as my cat chases reflections in a nearby window, I am thinking I need to make some sort of bath happen. We discussed the merits of a good bath last week in our Tonic conversation and, while we mentioned lavender salts, my personal favourite is the ginger float bubble bath by Origins.

origins ginger

BRB taking a bath with Virginia Woolf.

Topshop makes some truly great boots. I have a pair that I bought two years ago that are oh so comfortable and perfect for stomping around in this late winter weather. This wine brown boot is just divine…as are these sultry black ones.

topshop boots

I love that these have a metal toe…for aesthetic purposes only of course.

E’s Five Things:

Two words: Pablo Neruda. Purchase Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, then read alone or with a partner. Either way, there will be enough steam to keep you warm for days.

Oh Vastness of Pines INDEED.

O Vastness of Pines INDEED.

I have been on a perpetual hunt for shearling coats ever since Kate Hudson in Almost Famous happened, and during the freezing winter months my desire only heightens. This beautiful gem from Elizabeth + James would do nicely.

Penny Lane approved.

Penny Lane approved.

I was going to do this whole bit about getting a lumberjack-esque male to come make you a fire, but then I thought wait. You can make your OWN fire (literally buy a duraflame and you’re good). Toast yourself when you’re finished with s’mores using these gourmet vegan marshmallows from Sweet & Sara.

The future Tonic office pantry will be stocked with only these.

The future Tonic office pantry will be stocked with only these.

If there isn’t a fireplace in your Brooklyn brownstone apartment with brick accent wall (fyi this is my dream reader), try lighting some candles in a Himalayan natural salt candleholder. My lovely friend Jaclyn just gifted me something similar, and I can assure you it looks very chic beside one’s bed.

Salty and sweet, natch.

Have a salty evening.

For whatever reason, 2015 seems to be the winter of the head turban. I see them on stylish ladies everywhere (most notably my luminous friend Julia), and I myself am sporting a fetching one from Iceland. If you’re not lucky enough to have a younger brother who will pick you up an Icelandic knitted turban, I suggest making do with something chic from Missoni.

Pair with sultry mascara and a windswept blowout.

Pair with sultry mascara and a windswept blowout.

xox J & E

P.S: The photo at the top of the post was taken at Patapsco State Park in Maryland!

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