10 Things to Buy This Week

Featuring bling for your wall, and your collarbone. Also, Paperhaus.

E’S five THINGS:

Woven wall hangings are totally having a moment right now. There are (of course!) a zillion options to choose from, but I keep coming back to this bohemian number by MW Textile Design. It is beautiful in the most raw and simple way, and the colors are perfectly on-point.

Would also be perfect for a nursery.

If you’re into procreation, this would also be perfect for a nursery.

Brooklyn-based duo Ace&Jig just released their new spring collection, and omigod you guys it is divine. All I want to do in months to come is flounce around and have springtime adventures in this dress.

It's called the Carousel dress, because of course.

It’s called the Carousel Dress, because of course.

I am head over heels for all of Beth Hoeckel’s work, and picking just one piece to share with you on here was actually the hardest thing I’ve had to do all week (and this has been a week of big decisions). All I can say is that Beth is an artist who just gets it.

Tonic's happy place.

Tonic’s happy place.

My stylish friend Saznin introduced me to Ax + Apple jewelry this past weekend, and I’ve been a smitten kitten ever since. While creator Jamie Lyn has a particularly astute eye for necklaces involving pen knives, my favorite item on offer is the jaw-dropping Alual necklace. It’s even more stunning when you learn that it’s a female version of a Manlual corset, which is a typically worn by men of southern Sudan’s Dinka tribe to indicate their wealth.

Make your collarbone a status symbol.

Make your collarbone a status symbol.

A current copy of rad zine Filmme Fatales, which focuses on the intersection of feminism and film, is something every lady ought to have in her back pocket. Purchase issue number five for access to the college essay of sage tastemaker Tavi Gevinson.

The perfect blend of glitter + intimidation for your bedside table.

The perfect blend of glitter + intimidation for your bedside table.

J’s Five Things

Comptoir des Cotonniers’ spring line is in. I repeat, their spring line is in. I love this bright blue pleated number and may have already planned the accessories that I would pair with it.

comptoir dress

Will wear with crystals.

I’m hoping that Craig Thompson’s graphic novel, Habibiwill be the selection for my book club this month. Even if it isn’t, I plan to read it immédiatement.


Graphic novels = adult picture books.

Paperhaus, one of DC’s best local bands, released their first full-length album a few weeks ago. I am ready to get my hands on the vinyl. It is backordered, because the people can’t get enough, so it’ll be a few weeks until it arrives. When it’s here, let’s have a little listening party, shall we?

paperhaus album cover

The cover of Paperhaus’ “S/T” is based on a design carved from paper.

Need Supply Co. is a great clothing company based in Richmond, Virginia. Their stuff is minimal and tends to run in neutral colours only. They currently have some Birkenstocks on offer in black and white, exclusively, and I am quite partial to the black pair.


Perfect for pairing with sundresses.

Lord Huron is coming to DC and will be playing at the 9:30 Club. If that is not enough to pique your interest, Hamilton Leithauser of The Walkmen will be their opener. I am glad this is the last piece I have to recommend as I am going to go buy tickets to this show right now.

lord huron

Oh hello, good sirs. See you in May.

xox E+J

ps: photo of temple offerings in Luang Prabang, Laos by E.

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