Tonic’s Weekly Lynx Round-up

Chins up, people. Spring is on the horizon. Which means it could soon be you sprawled out in a Parisian park like Brad and Suki below (you’ll see).

Witchcraft as a “‘spiritual but not religious way’ to express feminist ambitions?” Yes, please.

Costume designers dish on choosing lingerie for small-screen ladies. Wise words in particular from Girls couturier Jenn Rogien.

20 beautiful private libraries (including Karl Lagerfeld’s) I somehow managed to miss in 2012.

Would you ever spend the day in a fully metallic face mask?

How Jennifer Lee (the brilliant director of Frozen) is adapting a A Wrinkle in Time for the big screen.

Bradley Cooper reading Lolita to Suki Waterhouse in a park. I’m not sorry.

This may be an odd thing to link to, but it’s where I’ve spent the most time online this week: the Creative Writing MFA admissions results board on GradCafe. I challenge you to find an internet forum more full of longing, rejection, and people excited about Iowa.

Why elephants will no longer be a part of the Ringling Bros. Circus.

An endearing interview with Nick Petrillo of Hot Guys Reading, because the stone cold foxes holding those books are also real people.

Zadie Smith on NOT writing.

Loving this Diversity & Inclusion video from Love Has No Labels. A poignant reminder that beneath everything, we’re all just skeletons.

In honor of daylight savings, what it’s like to need hardly any sleep.

And for everyone else, I hope you get some rest this weekend. If you’re in the US, remember to change those clocks come Sunday.

xox E

ps: the photo above is one I took in Penang, Malaysia.

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