10 Things to Buy This Week

This week, we recommend all of the essentials: pajama sets, a brand new erotica series from Badlands books, and leopard prints.

I recently bought a pajama set for myself and am now firmly in the pajama set camp. Here is a lovely heart pair from Wildfox that would help make your bedtime so much more luxurious.


This pajama set clearly says, “I am a mature, busy lady who respects bedtime. I also have a moisturizing routine to which I am very committed.”

I am reading Lorrie Moore’s short story collection Birds of America right now and would like to discuss this with everyone.

birds of america

The Tonic book club is strong.

Jo Malone, a company I’ve recommended before, offers bespoke fragrances. You can combine two or more of their colognes or buy a set of six or more to create a new fragrance everyday.

jasmine mint

White jasmine and mint? Paired with orange blossom? Or maybe amber and lavender?

Everlane is so hip right now. This Everlane backpack has been on the collective Tonic shopping list for a while. It comes in a few colours and they sell out quick.

everlane backpack

I’m fairly certain I’ve seen Emma Watson sporting one of these.

Badlands books just launched a new erotic literature series. Their first three books are out and I will leave you with the synopsis offered for How to Train Your Virgin, “The queen of a mythical realm realizes that her king now prefers the bodies of inexperienced human virgins to her own. His insatiable appetite threatens the kingdom and everything the queen holds dear. She plots to seduce and deflower the two humans the king favors, but her plans backfire in spectacular fashion. What will become of her marriage? Her kingdom? Her virgins?”


What will come of the virgins indeed. 

If you’ve never heard of Asos Marketplace, then I apologize for introducing you in the middle of a work day. You probably won’t get anything productive done for some time and we will not judge you for that. I am in love with this vintage floral midi dress.

asos dress

This would look so chic with an arm cuff.

I recently read a simple rule for elegant no-fuss dressing: wear flats with anything above the knee and heels with any hemline that falls below. In that vein, I would love a pair Keds with a mini skirt for spring. Or with some printed high waisted shorts. Or, the exception that proves the rule, with a black maxi dress. These lilac Keds are versatile enough for all occasions.


For those out there with lilac auras.

This week, I bought a membership to Longreads. For $3 or more per month, you get full access to their archives, which means all the longform reading you could ever dream of.


So so worth it.

As Rachel Zoe has said, every woman should own something in a leopard print. I wish my one leopard print item was this Rag & Bone leopard print blazer.


Someday, someday maybe. Not to quote the title of a Lauren Graham novel or anything.

I almost did not put this item on the list as the price tag is just so beyond, but I wanted everyone to see this and know that it exists. It’s from Tabandeh, where I will be spending all of the money I get from the first screenplay that E and I sell. This pearl skull necklace is clearly aspirational.

skull necklace

I have nothing more to say.

xox J

PS: The photo at the top of the post was taken at the National Arboretum last spring.

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