Six Emojis for Men Looking to Showcase their Feminism

Our last two emoji-themed posts were written with the needs of modern ladies in mind. Now, let’s turn our attention to the gentlemen. 

E and I are lucky to have a number of male friends who identify as feminists. This is great. This is a quality to be celebrated. With these men in mind, many of whom have been lovely enough to keep an eye on our blog and give us constructive feedback, we’d like to dedicate an emoji post to their needs as modern gentlemen living in a feminist world.

I believe these emojis will appeal to feminists of all stripes, but I tried to tailor them to the contemporary male sensibility.

six emojis for Men looking to showcase their feminism

women’s professional sports team logos

This was originally an idea a friend and I had for a line of screen-printed shirts for men, but it would also make a fine emoji concept. If a man texted me about going to see the DC Mystics using this emoji and without using the qualifier “women’s” before basketball, I would melt. Naturally, this emoji suite would be ideal for dating situations.

 frida kahlo’s unibrow

This emoji clearly says, “I respect you and the choices that you make with your body.”

broad city emojis

Many of my friends (male and female alike) are obsessed with this show and I think we would all appreciate some Abbi and Ilana-inspired emojis to throw into a casual texting conversation. Some potential candidates could include a whole cake that then gets eaten (more of a gif than an emoji, perhaps), Abbi’s Bingo Bronson stuffed animal, Ilana’s crop tops, and Jeremy’s custom-made strap-on.

anatomically correct diagrams of female anatomy

This emoji is useful as well as educational. A surprising number of people, men and women, don’t seem to have a clear idea of female reproductive anatomy. This was a point well made in the last season of Orange is the New Black. I’ll concede that similar diagrams of male anatomy will have to be made available as well. A variety of natural-looking breasts would also be appreciated.

zelda, sheik, and epona

I suspect this one will have particular relevance for millennial men. My knowledge of Sheik comes mostly from Super Smash Brothers, but that only solidifies my belief that she is a complete badass. The inclusion of Epona here is in deference to preteen J, who insisted that all quests in all Zelda games be completed with Epona. Much to the chagrin of her brothers/anyone who did not fully appreciate equine majesty.

a smiling aziz ansari 

Aziz Ansari’s new comedy special on Netflix has so many great moments. One of the clear Internet favourites was this monologue about harassment. Ansari has been vocal about his feminism in the past and deserves all of the snaps. Why is he smiling in the emoji? Because he’s Aziz and he’s just adorable.

xox J

PS: The photo at the top of the post was taken somewhere in Transylvania ca. 2007.

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