Ten Things to Buy This Week: Spring Crop Top Edition

Your midriff and your paramours will thank you. 


Midriff-baring angels unite.

I’m going to come right out and state that my crop top game has been on fleek of late. In an act of considerable charity, I have decided to curate a selection of spring crop tops to share.

Before you peruse, realize this is not a list for rookies– I’m writing with the assumption that you’ve got the basic black long-sleeve and all other essential varietals. The choices below are for the serious ladies among us looking to operate on the next level of midriff-baring sensuality. It is not our first rodeo.

Godspeed friends.

Spring 2015 Selections for Crop TOp Veterans:

This divine piece from Free People comes in every color you’d want (I mean it– I wish the world could be recast in these hues only). While my coloring lends itself to the eggplant shade below, I strongly suggest you consider the mint, and the cranberry.


Though my dalliance with ballet ended in fall 2012, my dalliance with ballet-inspired apparel is still going strong. Be like Natalie Portman in Black Swan minus the sloppy mental unwieldiness as you cavort through spring in this tasteful wrapped crop top.


Velvet crop tops = Tonic cocaine. There is not much I wouldn’t do to own the sensual gem below. Though if it was to ever actually grace my closet, I don’t think I’d allow it out of the house.**


One of the central joys of crop tops is that they blur the lines between lingerie and street-wear. Continue the blur by flummoxing everyone in this risque lace-up situation.


The option below reminds me of the work of Mary Blair, aka the genius behind the concept art for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Cinderella (if you’ve ever been on the “It’s a Small World ” ride in the Magic Kingdom, you’ve also seen her design skills). To me, wearing this crop top is almost as good as Mary Blair actually drawing crop tops on Wendy, Alice, and Cinderella.


Before crop tops en masse became a trend, I had a habit of buying threadbare tees and knotting them just above my navel. Now that pieces like the one below exist, I no longer have to do the hard work myself, which leaves me more time to work on my art and is therefore fabulous. Also, if I wanted to look straight-up sultry while working out, I’d fully be sporting this sassy homage to athleticism.


While people expect crop tops to be steamy slices of heaven, they don’t often expect them to be overtly weird. Subvert expectation by sporting this questionable eyeball. Don’t make eye contact and keep accessories minimal for a maximally bizarre effect.


Remember when you were wondering what you were going to wear to that summer music festival/tantric yoga class/star-gazing date with no threat of mosquitoes? The sub-theme here is that you will wear this tasteful bohemian number when you want to look awesome.

Though they can feel a little Baby Spice if not styled correctly, I remain a staunch defender of off-the shoulder varietals, and would argue it’s a test of your stylistic prowess whether or not you allow a top like the one below to veer into Emma Bunton territory. If you’ve made it this far into my list, know that I believe in you.


J and I have often lamented the fact that there are certain (beautiful) pieces that simply don’t work with our physiology. The striped crop top below is one such piece–while it wouldn’t work on me, I pine for a Francoise-Hardy type with carefree chestnut hair to wear this while strumming her guitar barefoot in a park. Addition of hot French boyfriend is optional but recommended.


Bonus: Cat Crops

In case you forgot that crop tops are first and foremost here to make us happy and appeal to our inner feline/lioness power.


Purchase here.


This one looks to be out of stock (unsurprising), but check back here.

xox E

**Which is fine. You’ll find that when you lounge at home in chic crop tops, entertainment finds you.

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