Ten Things to Buy This Week: Chic Accessories for Chic Ladies

This post is inspired by a new year’s resolution that E and I made with our friend Julia to embrace the adjectives “fun, flirty, and chic” as our mantra for 2015. I scoured one of my favourite websites, Scoutmob, to find chic accessories to satisfy the needs of the modern woman. 

Robin Woods discovered that there was a serious lack of fashionable head covers in the world after her mother went through chemotherapy. Woods now makes some of the chicest turbans I have ever seen. Both E and Julia have entered the turban world and I must join their ranks. Perhaps this little number* will take me there.


The seafoam colour is unexpected and oh so chic.

The self-taught woodmakers from Omerica Organic made this tree ring necklace. I may be making a trip to Denver to meet these woodworkers as my ideal type has often been described as “the sensitive carpenter.”

tree ring necklace

For tree lovers.

I can’t decide if I prefer this leather bucket bag in brown or black. Either would be perfect to tote around this spring as I wear my seafoam turban.

leather bucket bag

It also comes in black.

I am very into mixed metal jewelry of late. Why should we be forced to commit to any particular metal aesthetic, I ask you? A lady should be able to mix metals as she does velvets (see the last entry in this post for clarification). This mixed metal ring set is too tempting to resist.

mixed metal rings

A lady can handle mixed metals.

A chic timepiece is an accessory that all stylish ladies I know take very seriously. One doesn’t just check one’s phone when one is inquiring about the time. Chic ladies do not have time for such things. Enter this black leather watch.


A lady is always on time for independent film screenings and poetry slams.

Scoutmob has so many beautiful earrings on offer, but I am particularly fond of these lotus petal earrings. They also come in silver and various ombre shades.

They also come in silver.

If it comes in ombre…

Cat eye sunglasses made from two different types of wood? Eat your heart out, Warby Parker.


A lady needs to shield her eyes from the harsh summer sun.

Ever since our friend and textile artist, Ashton Page, introduced us to natural dying two years ago, we have been in love. Indigo dyes are a clear favourite and this indigo dyed silk scarf is truly a thing to behold.

We will be opening some indigo baths this spring to do some natural dying of our own.

We will be opening many an indigo bath this spring to do some natural dying of our own.

As a child, I had many a best friend charm set that I shared with many a powerful lady. The concept of matching BFF necklaces or mood rings or what-have-you could be upgraded in such a chic way with these mountain range rings.

mountain rings

A perfect trio.

I know that this is technically not an accessory, but I had to share this velvet and jacquard smoking coat. If I were to pick one fabric that truly exemplifies the fun, the flirty, and the chic, it would be velvet. E and I have made a bit of a habit of collecting velvet items – from wedges to turbans – all of which would look so chic if paired with this jacket**.


A lady knows how to mix her velvets.

xox J

ps: The photo at the top of the post was taken last spring at the Ladew Topiary Gardens in Monkton, Maryland.

*Update: I have purchased this item.

**It is only a matter of time until I purchase this item.

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