Something Great

The November 2014 editor’s letter from Rookie, discussing the “World of Our Own” theme. So much resonated with me. Preview my fave excerpts below, then check it out for yourself.

From Tavi Gevinson:

When I interviewed Greta Gerwig last year, and she said Frances Ha, the movie she co-wrote and starred in and her IRL partner, Noah Baumbach, co-wrote and directed, doesn’t feel like 50 percent hers and 50 percent his; it feels like 100 percent theirs.

From Lorde:

I’m quite solitary by nature, I guess. I don’t have heaps and heaps of friends, like I don’t have heaps of friends that I would want to tell everything to, you know? You have like, tiers of friends. Like there are people that you would be cool with hanging out with but you don’t have that kind of next level connection. And being that kind of person, often I can appreciate a place regardless of the people I’m sharing it with, which I know a lot of people can’t do, but for me…this is really personal, but like, James and I spent a lot of time, and still do spend a lot of time, driving around all over our city, and that for me was really kind of enlightening, because for once, the company that I’m keeping is affecting how I feel about these places, and in a positive. And I think that was kind of what drove me to write a lot of the stuff on Pure Heroine, because I really thought about where I was, in conjunction with who I was, in conjunction with who I was with.

From Amy Rose (Rookie contributor):

The private world you architect with a best friend or lover—like how you have your own jokes and language and things you love to do together. This is such a good month to talk about where that friend/lover line blurs, how your best friend can be your partner, in this NOT CREEPY way, but in the Abbi/Ilana way.

Superb, right? Hoping everyone is with me on this Wednesday evening in springtime.

xox E

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