New Hero: Danielle Prescod

If I ever become a fashion editor, this is the woman I aspire to be.

Has anyone ever read a column by Elle‘s Danielle Prescod? I just encountered her while eating sweet potatoes and looking for something to view online other than the livecam fixed on Kate Middleton’s impending hospital exit (livecam = here; you know you want to).

But ANYWAYS. Danielle is a total fashion genius, who writes in a way that’s remarkably similar to J and me. I thought we alone were masters of the sultry/academic/witty/valley girl jargon, yet here comes Danielle doing her fashion writerly things with aplomb, just casually killing our language category. As Danielle herself would probably say, she is on hella fleek (I’m aware hella is dated, I did it purposefully to separate myself from the pack, as I think Danielle might also do).

Here is a sample paragraph written by Danielle so you see what I am talking about. As you will see, she is (ingeniously) discussing how not to dress like a fool at Coachella:

But really, we all know Coachella is not only about seeing live music, but also about being seen yourself, and that is precisely why you need to dress the part. The problem at an even like this, though, is that you run the danger of doing the same exact thing everyone else is doing because you are part of this bizarre festival hive mind. This is never a good thing. Coachella has become the place where trends are born and before they can even make it to their first shallow baby breath, they are killed. Massacred, really in a ruthless, bloodbath that would make Game of Thrones look like Teletubbies

In addition to killer verbage, Danielle is a prime social experimenter. She constructs perfect inquiries into pressing issues of our time in this way, much in the same way J and I do as we hop about town (have we ever told you about our secret gym identities? No?). To illustrate, here are several of my fave Danielle adventures:

Danielle, I’d like to close by saying it would be an honor to dress you on Tinder. Those men should be bowing down.

Now back to Kate’s hospital exit cam (I hope she names the baby Charlotte).

xox E

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