Tavi talks Taylor

Let’s all freak out over this interview, in which sage tastemaker/damn good writer/generational voice Tavi Gevinson interviews sublime angel/world power/fearless artist Taylor Swift.

Elle, thank you for facilitating this public exchange of genius.

Elle, thank you for facilitating this public exchange of genius.

Here’s an excerpt, from Tavi (bolding by me, because I am excited):

Since the age of 14, I have littered—excuse me, adorned—the Internet with Taylor Swift analyses. I was first struck by how much more agency she had over her songwriting and public image than other popular artists tapping into my demo, and by how it felt to get permission from a girl wielding a guitar to shamelessly express one’s emotions, despite how often doing so can get you called “crazy” (that sexist euphemism for “feminine”). With the release of her fourth album, Red, in 2012 and a handful of highly publicized romances, Taylor was criticized by the press and other entertainers for such sinful acts as dating people and writing songs about it, gaining a reputation as boy-crazy and love-ridden. But I’d always felt that the men in her songs were mere catalysts for her own self-discovery. Last October she released 1989, and if you use the Internet or ever leave the house, you’re familiar with its ubiquity. But I would like to draw attention to the secret message spelled out in the liner notes of “Clean,” the final track: “She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything.”

INDEED, Tavi, indeed.

xox E

ps: who else is #stoked for the Bad Blood video?? I am most excited about Hailee Steinfeld’s character of late, though I may switch to Gigi Hadid soon.

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