Tonic’s Weekly Lynx Round-up

This week, read some ghost stories, SCOTUS-inspired haiku, and relive “The Bachelorette” with Vulture’s episode recaps

The Gulf War photo that nobody would publish. This one is heavy, dear readers, so prepare yourselves.

On a lighter note, what’s the most important element of a good story? Watch this short video from the Atlantic that features Catherine Burns of the Moth and Michael Eisner of Disney, among others.

A man spends a year in Tromsø, Norway where the Polar Night lasts all winter.

Check out these four stories on ghosts, courtesy of Andi Zeisler’s piece on “The Feminist Power of Female Ghosts” was a personal favourite.

Read about Colorado’s successful program to combat teen pregnancy. Spoiler: It involves free IUDS.

This article on what compassion does to the brain was making the social media rounds last week and is well worth a read.

Make some vegetarian sloppy joe’s this weekend. Or get weird with chickpeas.

Rashida Jones discusses sex positivity and the porn industry.

A stunning article by an abortion counsellor on what happened when she got pregnant.

The SCOTUS marriage decisions in haiku, courtesy of McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.

If you’re not reading Vulture’s episode recaps of “The Bachelorette,” then you need to start. They are genius. A personal favourite is Ali Barthwell’s assertion that “former investment banker” JJ looks like Patrick Bateman. Not like Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman, but just Patrick Bateman #accurate.

If you’re in DC, check out the Capital Fringe Festival in the coming weeks. You can bet that we will be at one of The Winter’s Tale.

Have a celestial weekend, summer beings.

xox J

ps: The photo at the top of the page was taken at the Los Angeles County Arboretum.

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